Dee Dee

Dee Dee here… but my friends call me Sweetie! I positively LOVE whipping up sweet creations in the kitchen! I am always experimenting with new flavors and textures. My specialty is cakes – I love making customized cakes of all shapes, sizes and designs that capture the personalities of my friends and family! I also dabble in candy creation (I invented a lollipop that helps singers go from squeakkk to LALALALALA)- It’s called the Lala-pop and its Harmony’s fave! Next up – I take on the macaron (that’s hard!)

  • Favorite color:   Peppermint Pink
  • Favorite activities:   Inventing new candy creations, baking sweet treats for my friends, experimenting with cake and cupcake designs.
  • Motto: “Life is sweet”

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